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Decision-Making in Church Families

Every church is a family. So, like yours, this church family makes decisions by a prescribed process that allows for checks and balances that help us all. When it comes to pastoral staff, our entire church family touches that decision. Our personnel team researches and vets, but even with that, we can learn something in the process. That’s why we vote. It’s a way to press our own involvement upon those decisions so that, ultimately, the decisions are better. For some that feels weird, but for most of us, it feels more secure. For me, it’s just HEALTHY!

So as we spend these next few days considering a student ministry candidate, I ask you to do this:

Read and Listen–we will be supplying more information and will provide an interview recording so you can hear for yourself some of the comments and attributes that our personnel team found so impressive.

Pray–this is a spiritual decision and we ask that you lean into the Lord as you evaluate and prepare to make a decision.

Show up to vote–yours counts!

Do you have a


Text us today about baptisms, if you are new, or wish to get plugged in.
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