Exercising the Blessing of Your Vote

I have visited countries that envy the freedom we have in our local context. I can remember seeing the ink-stained fingers of people who were voting. I can remember being awakened in the night by trucks of rebels who were determined to enforce their views by shutting down businesses and traffic for their own political purposes.

But here at home, we face a different problem: apathy. A slim portion of the registered voters in our country will actually vote. If they do, they get fired up about presidential races, but ignore the opportunity to select officials for cities, counties, legislatures, or school boards. It’s a privilege and responsibility to exercise the blessing of your vote. Educate yourself, make time, and go vote your conscience. If you don’t, you relinquish your credibility for complaining when events and decisions contradict your own views. This is the time for you to express those, but the time is short and it’s immediate.

Review the candidates and issues. Take a good look beyond yourself and pray: “Lord, what do you desire?” Then drop by the polling place in your area and celebrate the opportunity that is the envy of millions around the world.

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