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Made to Make a Difference

I’ve been meeting with men and women to talk about their work and place in the world for over 30 years now and I hear a common question: “Does my work matter?” Does it matter to my world, to my community, or to God? The stories are amazingly similar, and my response has been consistent over all these years. In fact, it’s so important, I’m preaching about this on Labor Day weekend!

Most people stratify jobs in their minds. Those that are “ministry” or charity-focused jobs imply an assumption that God cares more about those. So innumerable men and women who build things, provide accounting, help sick people, sell things, train people, book flights, drive taxis, guide fishing trips, program computers have considered what they do as little more than a means for feeding their families. So, if you feel that way, consider this: What is the size of negative impact when:

A contractor misses details and leaves a new home with crucial problems?

An accountant cuts corners and misses a couple of schedules on your taxes?

A doctor doesn’t read the full chart before prescribing medications?

A salesman fudges the facts on a product?

A trainer misses sections of material necessary for someone to do a job correctly?

A flight manager overlooks a security alert?

A taxi driver drops a passenger in the wrong place, a dangerous place?

A fishing guide ignores dangerous weather alerts and keeps customers in dangerous lightning?

A programmer leaves a backdoor for malware exposure?

Suddenly, we realize how valuable quality work is to our well-being. We realize how important those roles are. We realize that all of these different jobs fit together in an amazing kaleidoscope of work that aid our world and make life easier to bear. And when these jobs are done with positive attitudes and a willingness to seek excellent customer service, they all make further conversations possible–conversations that could be the difference between dignity and disaster.

Does your work matter? FAR MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

Happy Labor Day!


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