Overcoming Trials

Years ago I was physically attacked by a dog while running my neighborhood with my own dog. The dog was trying to go after mine but I decided to protect it. As a result, the dog attacked me to get to my dog. Eventually a family came to my aid and saved me from this dog. They called an ambulance and I was whisked away to the hospital to face surgery and a fair recovery time. One of the hardest moments during this was the fact that I had a broken knuckle resulting in a brace and a chewed up arm. I only had the ability to use 6 of my 10 fingers. At the time, our daughter was 2 months old and I couldn’t hold my daughter. I couldn’t help my wife. I was sidelined as a new father and husband.

Ever since we had to get legal council and while the case was ongoing (2 years), I saw my scars as shameful. I saw them and would relive those moments in fear. After the settlement went through, I see my scars as an honor. Something I overcame and have a confidence in. They remind me about Jesus’ scars and the pain He suffered for our sin. The actions and pain I can recall to this day, but is a drop in the bucket of what He faced.

That season my wife and I entered into was one of the hardest seasons we had ever faced individually and together. When we are put up against a hard situation we look back at that season and know that we can overcome. Our marriage and us as individuals have become so much stronger spiritually. My trust in my Father has only been reinforced to know that He works in all situations; good and bad. You have to open yourself up to allow God to show you where He is. In these seasons which most of us will eventually face, you have two choices: allow it to break you or you can push into the Lord to not only receive a peace and healing but a blessing from your faithfulness.

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