Family Christmas

Your “One” Needs More than a Story

We often ask about people that God has brought into our lives because they need Him, and we are their window for hearing the truth. So, for the last few months, we have been asking, “Who’s your One?” Who’s one person that’s part of your life that, as best as you can determine, is a person who does not know Jesus? And now, this December, your “one” is approaching this Christmas season, and I want you to know that we are offering something that every “one” needs.

A story won’t do it. This season is often confused with other traditions that are no more than stories. We love them, but we retell those stories, winking at each other because we know they are no more than story, fiction, a cultural myth. Flying reindeer, miraculous package delivery (and no, I’m not talking about Amazon!), workshops at the North Pole, and chimney entries into our homes are all so much fun, but they are not real. We all know it. We prolong the myth for our children, and we casually refer to it as the “Christmas spirit.”

But what fuels Christmas ultimately is not myth or story; it’s HISTORY. Something happened in history, in a particular time, a particular place, with particular details, eyewitnesses, and events. That’s MORE than a story, and if it’s not, then the whole idea of a church family, hope for resurrection, an ethical system of values, and guidance for our everyday decisions–ALL OF IT FALLS. It means nothing. It’s powerless and pointless.

Your “one” needs more than a story. YOU need more than a story.

So, each weekend during December, we’re focusing on Jesus’ entry into humanity. The incarnation was the loving act of a gracious God of the universe. He came to US because we could not go to Him. He gave His life for us because we could not save ourselves. He took our burdens, our griefs, our shortcomings, and our sin, but to do that, and He started with the womb of a young woman who trusted Him. If that’s just folklore, if it’s no more than myth, your “one” will not experience hope or life change. It will just get lost in sweet musings over eggnog.

Eternity matters too much to let it be less; Jesus’ coming is MORE than a story. Will you help your “one” to hear that, see that, experience that?


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